Monday, January 17, 2011


It has taken me the best part of the day, and turned my dining area into a sweat shop, but I have finally completed the 100year old quilt.

Purist antique quilt collectors would probably shudder at this, but I reckon that the woman who sewed these pieces so many years ago would have intended it to be finished.........I know that I always intend for my quilts to be finished - eventually! Maybe she got sick, or died, or just got fed up with it! We will never know, but I like to think that she would be happy that another woman, on the other side of the world, took the time to finish her work. In those days, fabrics were treasured and recycled into quilts to keep the family warm, a necessity rather than a luxury. Today's quilters choose from a vast range of fabrics, chop them up and sew them together again, just for fun! Seems crazy, I know! I love the thought of these old recycled bits of seersucker, flannel and cotton clothing making something warm and cosy for a loved one.

I quilted it in a simple grid pattern so as not to interfere with the original design, and I haven't touched any of the original piece was done by hand in green embroidery thread, perhaps by a child........these rustic touches are an integral part of the history of the piece, and I cherish that.
I feel very happy to have completed this task at long last!


Kimmi said...

it is absolutely beautiful, you should be proud of yourself for finishing it off.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to have a quilt that old. I finished a tapersty with my grand mother many years ago. She had started it when she was five or six, we finished it in the 1960 when I was the same age. So I know where you are coming from in keeping history in tact. I love a great job well done.
Maria S from facebook

Maria said...

Hi Angie, your quilt sounds lovely - just the way a quilt should feel

Trisha said...

What a neat little story Angie! And I love the new blog! Miss you all over at H&S!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

It has turned out beautiful you must just be so happy.-And just think another UFO gone,,dee

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