Friday, February 4, 2011


I still have to wait another week before I can get to see the physiotherapist. That will be two weeks from the date of the accident...........good thing it was not urgent! Meantime, I am putting up with the sore neck and headaches for a bit longer.

Today, my car goes in for a repair quote, they need two hours to check it out (heaps more time than I got at the doctor's.........hmmmm something not quite right there, I reckon!) Are cars more complex than people? More important?

Oh, and the forms from the insurance company are here............novella sized! Do I sound a bit bored with it all? You could say that, it is all so time consuming, listening to awful muzak and pressing endless option buttons on the phone...........trying to do all the right things but it wasn't my fault and I am OVER it!! I reckon I have already spent about three days of my life sorting this out.

Thanks for letting me have a whinge!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Angie, you want to be here in Qld trying to make a claim against the floods......far too much time spent on the phone, when on TV they make it sound like it happens in seconds....believe you me it does not. Not even the emergency payouts. Joy

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