Sunday, February 20, 2011

Yet more scrapping!

Use one black and white photo, two patterned papers, three embellishments, four lines of journalling and a five word title. This tells the story of my son's sheep who prefer to eat the plants in the garden to plain old grass in the paddocks. BAAAAAAAA!!!
Sketch by Pencil Lines, reversed and slightly altered to suit my pictures.
These pages are based on challenges set by Ange over at Home and Scrapped. Thanks Ange!

I had to get up really early this morning to beat the heat, water the plants, the fish and the pets, then retired to the only air-con'd room in the house to scrap! Well, what else would I be doing on a sizzling hot day?

Cheers, hope you can find some coolth where you are!


dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

I agree stay where it is cool and opps i didnt realise you could scrap in there ha ha

Angie said...

LOL..........the coolest place is the living room! Yesterday it was 37deg so I am happy to have some cloud cover today to reduce the temps. Phew!

Penny said...

Ooo nice pages Ma! The pic of the sheep looks so good in black and white, doesn't it. I like the Poppy page you did the other day too....using white space takes a bit of getting used to but keep it up!

full of joy said...

Angie, love the pages that you have been creating.

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