Thursday, March 10, 2011

Party time!

Mum with the birthday girl
Birthday card from HM Queen Elizabeth

I had a fun day out yesterday to help celebrate a very special birthday at our town oldies club. Mum's friend is 100 years old, a charming, tiny and spritely lady, with lovely skin and hair, wow, she was looking just fine!
The party was wonderful with the huge cake, funny hats, whistles and nice food, the many cards from officials, from Her Majesty the Queen, to our local pollies, with representatives from the council and RSL in attendance.
The birthday girl wore a plastic tiara, pearls and a big smile all day.
The highlight was (of course) the male stripper! He is a big burly chap who helps out in the kitchen, he came prancing out from the stage to the Joe Cocker classic, 'You can keep your hat on'............gyrating towards the guest of honour! What a laugh! This young whipper-snapper of only 60+ with large hairy tummy, stripped to his black boxers amongst the wolf whistles and hilarity. The oldies have a fab sense of humour! Sorry, I was laughing too much to take a pic! Don't you just love a man who can put his inhibitions aside for a moment for the enjoyment of others?


Anonymous said...

brian says aint she amazing old lady , tall wobbly high heels and all..

Rob said...

Rob & Beryl in U.K. We met Esme at the Oldies Club when over in Oz.we enjoyed time with from us two.

Penny said...

Those old gals sure know how to PARTY! What a cack!

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