Wednesday, April 27, 2011


DS and I had a fab time visiting Sunnydale. We fitted so much in to the Easter break, but there was still time to relax and read. We had a lovely day out at Copeton Dam trying out the new boat, the kids had fun tubing and fishing, we had a huge bonfire and dinner with friends which was fun, with Tim providing the entertainment on Penny's guitar. We had a big walk over the paddocks, fun playing with the animals and being introduced to the new chooks and the kitten rescued from behind the drinks vending machine at work who has now taken up residence in the laundry. Rediscovered games of Boggle and Yahtzee and played endless games with the girls, and of course, indulged in the swag of choccies left by E. B. It was so good to enjoy the chatter of the children and the hugs, miss them all already, and wish that they lived closer! I hope that your Easter was fab too!

Bonus: I got home to find that DH had vaccuumed and scrubbed the shower tiles........Brownie Points for him!

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Penny said...

We did have fun didn't we. Aren't you lucky to have come home to a clean floor and shower recess! You may have to go away more often!

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