Saturday, May 7, 2011

This week

How has your week been?

We were wondering why our appliances have not been working properly and finally discovered a drama with our electricity supply. We had to get a man up the pole to replace worn out fuses and cables to the house. Took half a day.........I am dreading getting the bill! Too awful to be without power!

The electrician found a fried mouse in the power box, which prompted investigation of the storage cupboard..........found some chewed cardboard boxes! They had been in there since we moved almost three years ago...............OMG! Time for a chuck out methinks! Where are those 'clean up and declutter you life' ladies when you need them?

Lovely sunny Autumn days here after last week's rain, I bought some plants for the garden, one of our local nurseries is closing down so I couldn't resist getting a bargain plant or three.

I have been spending hours on the computer (don't tell DH!) with my She Art class........too gorgeous! Now I need to find the time to actually do something with all this knowledge bursting to get out!

Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow!

1 comment:

Penny said...

Go Ma! The class sounds wonderful.
Ewww about the mice.....

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