Monday, January 2, 2012


We had a fabulous few days with the family at Sunnydale, all the usual Christmas madness, noise and joy, excitement, hugs and fun. Invited to a picnic at Kirra Station near Bingara, we managed to get well and truly bogged in a remote paddock, not one, but two 4WD vehicles down to the axles in smelly boggy mud! It took a while, but a strong chain and snatch strap, a trusty Triton and a huge effort finally got us all out and on to terra firma. We found a nice spot on the riverbank where the kids had fun in boats and kayaks, the adults relaxed and Tim strummed his sister's guitar...............very nice!

Dennis found a quiet spot to sit on the riverbank away from all the noise and hustle, he looks very relaxed here......and he even caught a decent sized fish! Yay!

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Remember a while back,I showed you the fabric squares for Mardi's swap. Here is what I am doing with them. Making two king single sized quilts for the guest room. This is where I am at so far.......this one still needs its wadding, backing and border and the second one is not started yet, but I am stoked to have a project already underway so early in the year!
I have decided that my life needs de-cluttering so there will be no UFOs this year. Everything I start will be finished, or it becomes it is completion, completion, completion. Plenty of UFOs still in the cupboards, they will see daylight this year too and be done with them....OR ELSE!

Looks like gremlins have attacked my post and I can't seem to get rid of them. Sorry about that! Will have to ask my blog guru for advice.


Lea said...

Your quilt is looking beautiful. Loved this swap so much.

full of joy said...

Gremlins and all I love reading your blog. Denis looks so relaxed fishing - it seems to do that to a person. Quilt looks fabulous. Haven't made any plans yet for this year as such - just the usual round of horse shows and work - maybe a holiday - one can hope.

Penny said...

Yep, it was a memorable Chrissy for a whole range of reasons, wasn't it! We are so glad you spent it with us.

That quilt is really gorgeous - and I can see how your new bay window looks from the inside - very swish indeed!

I will hold you to your No UFOs promise.....

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