Friday, April 20, 2012

Holidays are over!

This is the new member of our family, Cleo the kitten, a gift from my lovely girls from Inverell.  She was a foundling, a tiny little thing with no family and has been nurtured with special care for all of her eight weeks of age, now to be spoilt by moi.

 This is my take on the April challenge by Jewels of Home and Scrapped, to use ribbons from the stash and a photo taken today.  The journalling is my personal 'bucket list' for 2012.  A page for the Book Of Me.

It has been a marvellous and busy Easter with family visits and grandchildren staying over for the holidays.  Lots of chocolate, of course, lots of hugs and some special times shared.

Tonight, there is a Step By Step challenge over at Home and Scrapped and a fantastic cybercrop over the weekend.  Pop on over and join in the fun of the challenges.
See you there!

1 comment:

Penny said...

I'm thrilled you and Cleo have come into each others lives and that you love each other so much!

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