Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy week

It has been a hectic week here, and I have been flitting from pillar to post, hopefully achieving progress, but still struggling to maintain order.  

Last weekend was a cybercrop at Home and Scrapped, which I helped to host, setting two challenges.  One was a colour challenge, inspired by my cereal packet, and the other was to use lace/fabric, etc, as a background.  Melissa created the other two challenges resulting in some really good pages in the gallery.

Next on the list was the community hall annual trivia night, our main fund raiser for the year.  Our hall is over a hundred years old now, it belongs to our community, and it is up to the committee to maintain it in good order.  This year we had to replace the damaged pressed metal ceiling, oh, it looks so good now, but it took many years of fund raising to find the thousands of dollars it cost.  The trivia night, on Friday, was a huge success, everyone had a lot of fun.  We had a 1970s flower-power hippie theme, and some funny costumes appeared, including a couple of original 1971 coats!  There was an enormous work load on our small committee, researching the questions and answers, decorating the hall, providing drinks and supper, running the raffle, and making sure it all went smoothly.  There were about 80 happy people enjoying themselves, a good time had by all!

Meanwhile, I was running in and out of town trying to choose paint colours for the house, which is in dire need of freshening up.  At the moment, I have a front wall, spotted with different shades.........decisions, decisions!  

Also, the garden is getting a facelift, and a general tidy up, all the recent rain has seen the weeds flourish, so they are being attacked with hoe and fork and glyphosate, and the new plants settled in with lots of sugarcane mulch.

AND, in a final push, the tax papers are ready for the accountant - who has been breathing down my neck (and not in a pleasant way!) - and it has all gone off today for his perusal.  No doubt there will be a phone call or two needing more information, but I am heaving a huge sigh of relief for the moment.

My house looks like it has been burgled, or hit by a hurricane, or worse, with paperwork, scrapping and paint all over the place............sigh...........better make tidying up my priority for this week!

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Penny said...

The trivia night would have been a blast! Where is the photo of your 70's get-up, hey?
Oh, and after reading this (and feeling exhausted) I now realise you've been up to more than just scrapping!
Hope this week you find time to veg out.

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