Thursday, November 1, 2012

Goodbye, October!

October has been such a busy month.  On the farm we have dealt with wild weather, broken water pipes, and a flurry of new calves born.  The veggie patch was ploughed and planted, the gardens weeded and mulched before the hot summer weather sets in.  And we have started the mammoth job of painting the is going to take ages, but as the Chinese say.........each journey begins with one step!

My roses are blooming beautifully in the new front garden, they seem to love their new home.

Our old truck gave up the ghost and the new (old) one had to have heaps of work done to it to make it roadworthy.  Dennis worked hard on it for several weeks.  Today we reached a milestone.........the truck was inspected and passed for rego!  Hooray!

Our little finches are busy making nests and hatching babies, and the wild lorikeets are nesting again in the old dairy, the galahs are here morning and evening enjoying the kikuyu seed, I love this time of year!

Not so fun was this snake, that my little dog, Abby dug up in the orchard, just where we were standing.  I thought she was after a blue tongue lizard and was telling her off for digging........a couple of minutes later, she had this red-bellied black snake by the middle and was shaking it madly!  Luckily she escaped being bitten, as it could well have had deadly results.

Between all that, I have been crafting too, and I am now more than half way finished two more quilt tops in my determination to make a quilt for each of the five grandchildren.  I have enough fabric in the stash to quilt for a small country, I think, so it is good to get it out of hibernation at last.

This month has been a time of re-evaluation of health issues.  A visit to the GP, extensive blood tests, new specs, a visit to the dentist, and discovering a lovely lady who practises Bowen Therapy which has helped with various ills.  I have given up eating wheat and within a couple of days was feeling improved.  All my blood tests came back with good results.  Fantastic!

Hope it is all good with you, too.  Thanks for visiting!

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