Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How long?

Goodness, how long has it been since I visited my blog?  Too long!

While the weather has been good we have worked hard in the garden, tidying, weeding, and mulching ready for the hot summer. It is looking really nice now, and our one neglected bit out the back has also had a photos yet, though. 
 I have been busy finishing another quilt from the vintage fabric swap of last year, that is both king single quilts done for the guest room, just in time for a lovely visit from my daughter and three grand-daughters.  

 While they were here, we celebrated Penny's birthday with most of the family present for the birthday cake and afternoon tea.
 This stunning old fig tree had to be pruned by the electricity commission as it was too close to the power lines.  I was very vocal in my protests, to no avail, but I had to turn my back while the chain saws were in action!  Thank goodness the tree loppers were not too unkind to it.
 A friend who has just moved house was chucking out these pieces of timber, so Dennis used them for a pathway under the arbour, and filled the gaps with river stones.  Stoked!  I had been waiting for this to be done for ages!  Looks great now it is finished.  Another job ticked off the list.
Me and the girls!

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