Thursday, July 31, 2014

My new sewing project

Here it is at last, home again.

My queen sized, round robin friendship quilt top has found it's way back to me, having been worked on by other patchwork friends.  This one is music themed for my youngest son.  It needs it's batting and backing then quilting to finish, but I couldn't resist spreading it out on the bed to see how it looks.  The friendship quilts have been an ongoing project for the Tuesday Crafternooners for the past three months or so, and we have completed six beautiful quilts during that time!  Some are now already at the quilting stage, so exciting!

I am so happy with the way this turned out!


our family has been joined by this cute and cuddly little one...Whimsey is the name!
She was found on the shelf at my local pharmacy.
It has been so long since I have seen a golliwog anywhere.  
They have been a bit politically incorrect for a while, what a shame!
I love them!

Have a good day!

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