Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Trying new things

It is good to try new techniques now and then, so that we don't get stuck in a rut. With this page I tried the 'negative space' technique, but I am not sure that it is really 'me' and I reckon I will go straight back to my usual cluttered style.

I love these pictures of DH and Poppy!

I have spent the day making base layouts for a friend's Mum who lost everything in the Queensland floods. Ten pages are ready to hit the post office. My friend will then add the photos and help her Mum finish the layouts. It seems like a small contribution in the face of such a vast loss, but I hope that it will, in some small way, help to restore confidence in the future.


Kate said...

Hi Martha,
That is nice that you are helping someone who suffered in the Queensland floods! I only just figured out how to be a follower on your blog! I chipped two of my teeth yesterday! I went to my friend Annika's dam and tried to do a front flip of a tree and did a one and a half flip instead! I hit the water face first and my chin hit the water really hard! That's how I did it! It was the stupidest thing!
Love Kate xoxoxoxoxox

Angie said...

Katie, Katie, Katie..........oh NO! You could have been really hurt, you dag!

Maybe it is a good thing that it was only the teeth that got chipped, even so, that is bad news!

I hope Mummy was not too mad with you. Love you heaps. xxxx

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