Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Scrap!

Hooray! I found some time this afternoon to play...........after doing the MYOB. This was my Get Challenged Now! task from H&S........the criteria set was

1. Use a photo from the farm

2. Use only cardstock

3. Three circles.

I splashed on plenty of paint, ink, and doodles, and added some altered chippy for interest. Do you like my rusty sign?

Better fly now and clean up the awful mess I made on the dining table before DH arrives home expecting dinner!


Penny said...

Yes I DO love your rusty sign! And everything else! It's so adorable and "country". And the colours work beautifully.

Kate said...

Hi Martha.
Lemon Meringue Pie is 1 of my faves 2! Septimus Heap was a little baby (not yet a wizard) but he died at the beginning. I don't yet know why the book is called that though! :)
Kate xoxox

Angie said...

Oh no, poor little Septimus Heap! He will be a little angel wizard then. You must tell me all about this story Kate, maybe I will read it one day!
We will make the lemon meringue pie together as well! Yum!

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