Saturday, August 27, 2011

Old Age and Painting

Gawd, it's a bumma gettin' old!

I am trying to redecorate my scrap room which has been neglected since we moved here three years is a kind of grubby cream which was probably once quite nice but now it is light absorbing and boring!

I have no dollars to spend so I am hunting around the shed for left over paint and equipment which is not too dried out to use!

I had enough of a teal-y green to do the end wall, the rest will be white and bright. I have done one wall (two coats), one half of the long wall (two coats) and one coat on half the ceiling. That has taken me three days..............I remember the time not so long ago in my younger days, when I could do a complete room in a day! Getting up and down the ladder is killing me.......times like this make me regret allowing myself to grow that middle-aged spread.........sigh! Now it is hands and knees time to do the skirtings. Errrk...

Anyway, I have made a start on the Great Scrap Room this space!

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