Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Home renovation started

Sitting room window gone

Termite ridden front wall gone
(no termites any more, but a bit of damage to repair)

Men at work - Do not disturb!

New windows installed
(this one will have a cosy window seat with storage underneath)

In between all this happening to my house.............I am up to owl number four now, they are taking over the craftroom, I might even be sad to see them fly the nest at Christmas time!

The builders have done their best today, trying to work in the rain, but have given up at last, washed out completely! So close, and yet so far, from completion!

Yesterday, it was so hot, almost too hot to work, today just the opposite...........goodness knows what is happening to our weather patterns but we have not had a regular Spring here, at all!

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