Sunday, January 15, 2012

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The sad lion is a beautiful memorial to the Swiss soldiers who bravely went to France to try to protect King Louis and Marie Antionette during the time of the French Revolution. Unknowingly they marched to certain death. This dying lion was carved from the rock face above a still reflection pool in a pretty garden in Lucerne. It was a magic and memorable moment to be there during our European tour.
This layout is for the Daring You To Scrap challenge. Go check out their blog!

This pic was taken of the youngest grandchild at his pre-school. Little angel/devil that he is!

It has been raining here so a good excuse for more scrapping! Do I really need an excuse? Nup! I still have plenty of those paper scraps to use up.

By the way, remember while we were overseas six months ago, the cattle got into the garden and drank the fishpond? Well, it seemed that they drank all the fish as well. So........we have done nothing with the pond, it has become green and slimy and totally overgrown and neglected. Until yesterday. Dennis decided to clean it out. Guess what? We found a dozen or more goldfish still alive and swimming in the murk!! Poor little things.........made us feel really bad. Anyway, the rescue mission was on, and they are now happily swimming in a lovely clean pool, with fresh rainwater falling in, and plenty of nice fish food to eat. End of story.


Penny said...

Oh those poor fishies! Talk about resilient little critters.

I love that lion statue. Maybe I'll get to see it in real life one day too. Both pages are great - the second a bit of a different style for you!

Kate said...

Ange that Daring you to scrap layout is one of my favourites of yours!! thanks for taking up the Dare!!

Sharryn Thomson said...

Love your take on the challenge. Thanks for playing along :)

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