Thursday, March 22, 2012

Heather's sketches

Heather's sketches have kick-started my missing mojo, and the pre-retreat challenges over at Red Earth have added to it.  The layouts are not the most fabulous in the collection, but after a lull, at least I am going again.

My Christening.......a LONG time ago, with all the family.  Heather's sketch and handmade flowers.

 Snapshots of Sunnydale..........Heather's sketch and hand-made flowers.  She is one talented lady!

Nice to spread out and do a double page layout for a change.  These pix were taken at the lookout on Thunderbolt's Way.

And finally, a card from leftovers for the stash, using a ribbon flower gifted in a swap.

On the home front, we now have two pairs of cute little Zebra finches living at our place in a new taj-mahal aviary built by DH, who is now busy making nesting boxes for them.  Would be so exciting to have baby birds!  They are great little time-wasters, so cute to watch, and not nervous of us at all.

Thanks for dropping by!

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Mardi said...

Hi Angie.... Thanks for popping by and leaving such lovely comments on the progress of my quilt. I cant wait to see your finished as well.
I used an old queen size sheet for the backing.....and a queen size woollen blanket for the it was very cost efficient.
It was quite heavy to quilt though as the blanket is heavy.....but I think it will be snuggly warm on the bed.
Mardi x

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