Saturday, July 21, 2012

A book, and more rain!

I got a clutch of books from the library last week and most were pretty ho-hum.......except 'The Maid' by Kimberly Cutter. Published in 2011, it is the harrowing story of Joan of Arc, Maid of Orleans.  It was hard to put down.  It is historically as accurate as the author could get, taking into account the few hundred years since The Maid was burned at the stake in May 1431 at age nineteen.  There is plenty of documentation on her life, fascinating and horrifying as it is. Joan was found innocent twenty five years after her death after an investigation by the Pope.  She is a patron Saint of France, being canonised in 1920,  
Read it if you get a chance.

Today, I started off on a trip to town to try on my new specs frames, but did not get far.  Our land is so wet from the almost constant rain of the past few weeks that I bogged the car in the driveway!  It just slid sideways from under me, and no amount of reversing and forwarding and trying to steer it straight would work.  So I grabbed my umbrella and trudged back to my nice warm house.

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