Saturday, July 21, 2012

Christmas cards for Australian troops serving overseas.

Jemma Hayward at Home and Scrapped has brought this great idea to our attention.
I have been busy making a dozen or so cards for the cause..............

It's time for our Christmas card drive for our Australian Defence Forces currently serving overseas. 

This is our 5th Christmas of collecting christmas cards for our Aussie Diggers/Troops. 

We would so love and appreciate any and all donations of hand made christmas cards for our troops, all cards need to be received no later October 26th 2012. So they may reach our diggers in time to write on them and post them back to Australia to their loved ones. 

A couple of things to remember when making christmas cards for this cause. 

Please leave the inside of the card blank so the diggers can write in them. 

Please provide an envelope with each card. 

Please place all cards and envelopes in a clip lock plastic bag with the total number of cards written on the outside of the plastic bag with your name on them. This is important as it assists with counting and packaging of the cards when sorting specific numbers serving in specific regions. It is equally important to put your name on it, so that i can add your name to the many of you all to say thank you for your contribution on the blog roll of wonderful australian card makers who donated this year. 

Rest assured that all cards do reach our troops in many countries around the world, Iraq, Afghanistan, Samolia, East Timor and out to sea for our Navy. Nothing more brings a tear to my eye, when i receive a letter or email thanking you all for your wonderful donations. Or i am approached by a MUM who received a gorgeous handmade christmas card from her daughter or son last year whilst they were over seas serving, thanking us for providing this service. So check back on this blog from time to time, as i quite often upload photo's of letters or emails of thanks. I know that the National Defence Services in Canberra express their gratitude verbally to me each year and i dont always remember to pass it on to you all. 

Please send all card donations to: 

C/- Tracey Hanshaw 
6 B Coraki Place 


PHONE: 0402 507 121"
Here are the cards I have made so far............they are quite quick and easy once you get going!

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