Sunday, July 29, 2012

Warm winter crafts

 The random coloured granny square pile is growing, these will make cushions for the grandchildren to cosy up to while watching television.

Cleo cat (not) helping with the quilting!

The cooler weather sees me reaching for the crochet granny squares, and the quilting UFOs, of which there are a few lurking in the craft stash.  I love to cosy up to the fire with some crochet or stitching in winter.  It is the only time that I take on these crafts, because summer is just too hot for quilts and knitting.  The quilt is one I am working on for a grand daughters birthday, and it has been hanging around for a long time.......not too much further to go now.  A little more hand stitching, trim all the threads, etc, and it is done!

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