Wednesday, May 11, 2011


The rain has stopped at last and the washing is on the line in the sun and the breeze.......last night we lit the fire, it has been chilly in the evenings and in the morning. Yes, it is messy and dusty but it is worth it! I have kept it alight today, I just like the look of it and the feel of a really warm

Another UFO completed!

It feels so good to have finished another of the quilts that are lurking in my cupboard. This one is for one of the grandchildren who has a birthday coming up, a little group of posies. The sewing machine played up with it's tension getting in a twist, but I persevered and finally finished the hand sewing this morning. Yes, I know it is not one of my best efforts and the stitching is a bit wonky, but the kids don't complain and I love to think of them having fun curling up in it on a chilly evening.

Diamonds are forever.
Some of these diamond shapes were made many years ago by a friend who has since died from breast cancer. She was a keen and prolific quilter and left her scrap fabric stash to be used by her sewing pals. I took a box of her diamonds and they have found a home here. I love those vintage fabrics and I love the thought of her work enduring.
One of the things I love about quilting is the idea of a little bit of oneself going on into the future when the door closes on life.

Up the pole!
Here is our young rescuer getting the job done just before the storm hit! The wind was building and I was getting a bit nervous for him.
Well, we received the account and it is three times what we anticipated. Ouch! Meals will be Vegemite toast for a while, I reckon! At least we have power for the toaster!

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Penny said...

Love the toaster comment - got be grateful for small mercys!
The quilt is adorable and all the more special having your friends diamonds stitched in. I'm sure Amarah will cherish it.
Enjoy the cosy fire - it's 13 here at the moment - don't want to leave my air conditioned office to get lunch!

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